Our Partners

Cool the Earth has been made possible, in large part, due to the support of our partners. We’re fortunate that there are so many knowledgeable and progressive organizations out there dedicated to combating global warming and giving organizations such as Cool the Earth the opportunity to make a difference.

The Climate Project


The Climate Project, an international non-profit founded by Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, is partnered in an educational outreach venture with Cool The Earth, an organization that inspires children grades K-8 and their families to take simple actions at home to lessen the threat of global warming. The partnership hopes to reach 250 schools, 100,000 students, and 200,000 parents during the 2009-2010 school year.

Marin Community Foundation


The mission of the Marin Community Foundation, established in 1986, is to encourage and apply philanthropic contributions to help improve the human condition, embrace diversity, promote a humane and democratic society, and enhance the community's quality of life, now and for future generations.

Bill Nye's Climate Lab at Chabot Space and Science Center


Bill Nye’s Climate Lab is a fun place to learn about climate change. Activities and games help kids, families, and teachers learn about Earth’s climate, reduce energy consumption, and find solutions to a warming planet. BillsClimateLab.org is presented by Chabot Space & Science Center. Chabot Space & Science Center inspires and educates students of all ages about our Planet Earth and the Universe.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is California’s first regional air pollution agency, entrusted since 1955 with regulating stationary sources of air pollution in the nine counties that surround San Francisco Bay. Traffic and energy consumption will increase with continued population and economic growth, and these trends, in conjunction with a changing climate, will pose significant environmental challenges. To meet these challenges, The District is actively engaged in important initiatives to address climate change, particulate pollution, railroad and aviation issues and is actively promoting smart growth and activities the public can do that will help spare the air every day to protect the climate. The leadership and collaborative efforts of the District have led to substantially healthier air for all Bay Area residents. In recent years the region has enjoyed the cleanest air of all of California’s major urban areas. The District’s work and core programs such as permitting, planning, air monitoring, forecasting and enforcement have played key roles in regional environmental progress.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, the company is a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. As a provider of electricity and natural gas to approximately 40 percent of Californians and 1 in 20 Americans, PG&E recognizes that the way they produce and deliver their products and serve customers has a direct impact on the environment. They understand that environmental excellence is necessary to be a leader in the industry and to the success of their business. A healthy environment is also necessary for the well-being and vitality of their customers, employees, and the communities they serve--as well as society at large.

Conservation Corp North Bay


For over 25 years, Conservation Corps North Bay (previously Marin Conservation Corps) has helped thousands of young people break the cycle of poverty, while improving local parklands and communities, cultivating strong environmental leaders, and promoting environmental sustainability. Through our AmeriCorps programs, AmeriCorps members teach more than 7,500 middle and high school students each year about important environmental issues and lead them in hands-on recycling, gardening, and conservation projects. Since our inception, our organization has improved the lives of more than 5,000 youth while performing more than three million hours of work on 150,000 acres of public lands. The mission of the Marin Community Foundation, established in 1986, is to encourage and apply philanthropic contributions to help improve the human condition, embrace diversity, promote a humane and democratic society, and enhance the community's quality of life, now and for future generations.

Strategic Energy Innovations


SEI is a nonprofit organization that helps empower schools and universities, small businesses, local governments, affordable housing agencies, and agricultural communities to reduce pollution and save money through clean energy and resource efficiency. SEI received the ‘Flex Your Power’ award for our flagship education program ACE (Awareness for Communities about Energy) which has been bringing energy education and awareness into schools & communities for over ten years.

EcoMom Alliance


The EcoMom Alliance is a non-profit organization empowering women to help create a sustainable future. Leveraging the power of mothers as both role models and a market force, we have a global platform with over 200 Community Leaders implementing locally relevant programming in cities as diverse as Mumbai and Minneapolis. What began as an authentically grassroots movement has become a worldwide movement. We partner with innovative leaders across diverse sectors to create educational outreach that speaks to women in a positive and proactive way, utilizing their natural inclination as caregivers to promote healthier lifestyles within the circle of life. The EcoMom Alliance, and its EcoMom Experts, have become media favorites including a New York Times Cover Story, appearances on the TODAY Show, 20/20 and over 22,000 web, print and television impressions within the last six months.

Marin Sanitary Service


Marin Sanitary Service has been family-owned and operated since 1948. Over the decades they have grown philosophically with its customers, and believe in the power of recycling to conserve our natural resources. MSS provides curbside recycling, solid waste, yard waste and food scraps hauling, safe hazardous waste disposal and many other services that are helping to achieve Marin County's goal of zero waste.

Alliance for Climate Education


Through age-appropriate and engaging presentations, Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) intends to deepen the understanding of climate change among our next generation of leaders. Our primary goal is to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to confront the global warming challenges our planet faces. ACE teaches the most current and accurate climate science so students will best understand the global warming crisis, and take initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through more informed lifestyle choices. ACE aims to empower students to share this knowledge by building awareness among family and friends as well as their broader communities. ACE will provide exciting opportunities for young people and schools to take action by awarding grants and scholarships to those who do.

Northern Trust


Northern Trust has aligned our efforts with our guiding principles of service, expertise and integrity. We are dedicated not only to meeting the needs of our clients and shareholders, but giving back to the communities we serve. Volunteerism. Philanthropy. Sound business practices and ethics. And a conservation-minded approach to protecting the environment. All of these comprise our corporate social responsibility. We proudly advocate corporate citizenship, philanthropy, and support for the diverse communities and environments in which we operate.

Awards & Honors

Cool the Earth is proud to have been recognized as a leader in climate change education.

2010: Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

Grand Award: Transportation for the Next Generation

2010: The Flora Foundation

Best Video From a Non-Profit

2009: California Air Resources Board (CARB)

A Cool California Organization Excellence Award

2008: American Institute for Public Service

The Jefferson Award

Our founder, Carleen Cullen received this award in recognition of her achievements and contributions through public and community service.

2008: City of Sonoma

City of Sonoma All Stars Award

For achieving powerful results in a short period of time.

2007: The Pacific Sun Weekly

A Rising Sun Award