Our Mission

Climate Change Education & Action

It is our mission to engage individuals in fighting climate change by motivating them to take simple, measurable actions to conserve energy. Collectively, these actions, and an increased civic engagement, will make a significant impact on global warming.

Cool the Earth assembly
Our History

A Grassroots Effort

Cool the Earth is a grassroots, school-to-home program that was founded in 2007 by Marin County parents Carleen and Jeff Cullen, who were inspired to take action after seeing the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

Startled at what they learned about climate change, the Cullens gathered parents from their community together to watch screenings of the film and discuss solutions. They found that even when people were exposed to the realities of climate change, they could still remain lethargic, so they set about developing a program, with other parent volunteers from their community, which would motivate households to make changes instantly — what they call, 'education through action.'

The resulting program is a parent and volunteer run program geared toward children in K-8th grades. By engaging students in the issues of climate change, the program motivates kids and their families to take actions to reduce their carbon footprint. Through these actions, learning occurs. Plus, the actions all add up to a large reduction of carbon emissions for the entire community. Because children are such strong catalysts for social change, the program has had wonderful results.

First launched at Bacich Elementary school in Kentfield, California in 2007--the program has now run in over 500 schools throughout the United States. It is the goal of Cool The Earth to have its program working to reduce carbon emissions in every school community across the country, and to aid in reversing the trend of man-made climate change. It's a goal we know is shared by all the dedicated parent and teacher volunteer coordinators who make the program possible.