Action Coupon Books

Kids Take Action!

After the assembly, each student comes home with a Cool the Earth coupon book. These booklets feature actions that kids can take at home with their families, to reduce their carbon emissions.

Kids choose an action, tear out the coupon and sign it with their parents. When they bring their completed coupons back to school, they are rewarded with eco-themed trading cards.

Action Browser

Make a difference in the fight against CO2! Browse our most popular actions and download coupons.

The front of each coupon shows how many pounds of CO2 can be saved annually by taking the action.
After completing an action, kids and parents sign the back of the coupon and return it to school.
Results & Rewards

Measuring Success!

The goal of Cool the Earth is to demonstrate that every action counts and that, collectively, communities can make a big impact on climate change. Every action coupon that is turned in is tallied by a volunteer and accounted for on a Cool the Earth banner that’s hung prominently on campus for students and parents to see. The actions are also entered online, so we can track your school's cumulative efforts and the results of all Cool the Earth schools across the country. Together, we're making a signficant impact on climate change.